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The World’s greatest cheese…in my humble opinion

Once upon a time…actually about a year ago, while in Oregon Jessica and I discovered probably the best cheese ever. Yes, I mean EVER! Smokey Blue Cheese made by Rogue Creamery from where else but in Oregon. Ever since then both of us have searched high and low for a smoked blue cheese, only to find out that Rogue Creamery is the only one in the united States to even make such a cheese.

Now of course for those of us who do not live in Oregon you can order it directly from Rogue Creamery here at $79 dollars a half wheel, and $129 dollars for a whole wheel. That works out to roughly $31 dollars or $25 dollars a pound. However, Jessica and I made the most wonderful discovery over the weekend. The Costco in Folsom has smokey blue cheese for only $15 dollars a pound. I’m in heaven!!!