What does no parking mean?

I saw this while shopping at Target this evening and was left with a few questions

1. Does no parking only apply to cars?

2. If they needed the cart to get to their car how did they get in the store, and then how did they return the key to Target?

3. Did the person realize that they no have prevented a wheelchair van from using that space to unload as it was intended?

4. Do they even care that someone may need that space next to unload a wheelchair?


Summer Light Chicken Salad

As Jessica wrote, one of the driving ideas behind our blog was to share recipes that we have found and both love. This was the first recipe that Jessica suggested we try. The dressing may seem to be a bit odd with nutmeg, lemon, and garlic mixed together, but the flavors really do mesh superbly and the dressing truly is what makes this salad wonderful. Both of us fell in love with it from the first bite and now we are sharing it with all of you.


1/3 c. vegetable oil
1/3 c. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 tsp. fresh garlic, minced


2 1/2 c. cooked chicken, cubed
1 c. halved, seedless red grapes
1 c. (2 stalks) celery, sliced 1/4 inch thick
1/4 c. green onions, sliced
4 c. leaf lettuce, shredded

In jar with lid combine all dressing ingredients. Shake to mix. In large bowl combine all salad ingredients except lettuce. Toss salad with half of dressing. Cover and refrigerate at least 1 hour. Place lettuce on serving platter; top with salad. Drizzle remaining dressing over salad and lettuce.

Update: Below are a couple pics after I modified the salad using cucumbers, and sweet peppers in lieu of celery, and green onions. Enjoy!

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No, We Aren’t Pregnant

Last night as Mark and I took a leisurely stroll after dinner. We talked about our future, our dreams, ending on the topic of our future children. When we first got together we agreed that two was the perfect number of children. One girl and one boy. We hadn’t figured our if our girl or boy would be first, but we had time to do that. We would never be out numbered. If we were alone with the kids our hands would always equal the number of kids, meaning we could control any situation. We were confident that two was the right number for us. One boy, Mark Winston Przybyla, III, nickname undecided. One Girl, Eleanor Joy*, Elle-Joy** for short. (I have long known that I wanted my first daughter to be named after my sister…yeah, I know it is a stretch… but work with me here!).

Since Mark and I have gotten married we have felt strongly that we should be open to more children. We both feel that if children agree with us and we with them then, yes, we will have more, as many as feels right. As of now neither of us can imagine more then four, but thankfully we don’t have to make these hard family planning decisions yet.

While we were walking I told Mark that we only have the two names picked out but we have been discussing more then two children. Meaning we need to get on naming those fictional children of ours, or else…. or else they will come here and we STILL won’t have names for them. I will be the bad mother that refers to her children as numbers. NUMBERS, MARK, NUMBERS!!  I can’t be that kind of mother! Mark has learned that when I start hyperventilating about the trials of our future family it is faster and easier to solve said fictional future problem then to give me the ol’ “we will cross that bridge when we get there” line. Mark starts to suggest names.


“Bart? No!!”

“Well nothing like George… or anything that boring”

“I could do George, if his middle name is Washington.”

“Abraham Lincoln?”

“Next thing you know we will be naming our next son John Adams. No, too citchy. We aren’t doing any citchy family names!!”

“Ok, how about Homer?”



“I’m OK with biblical names but normal ones: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…”

“The Acts? Romans?”

“NO!! NO!! What about Zion? Or Noah?”

“…” Mark totally bored

“No, Noah is too trendy. How about Judah? Or Trent? Or Jacob? Or Michael after my dad? Or….”


“I really like the name Sylar, but can we really name our son after the villain in Heroes?”

“No one will even remember Heroes by the time we have children.”

So God, we are letting you decide, do you want us to name our second son after the villain from Heroes, or do you want to give us daughters?

*We call dibs on Eleanor Joy

**Dibs on Elle-Joy too

A must see for home chefs

Jessica found this show for us to watch together knowing how much I love cooking at home home. She knows what I like sooo well!!!!!!

The World’s greatest cheese…in my humble opinion

Once upon a time…actually about a year ago, while in Oregon Jessica and I discovered probably the best cheese ever. Yes, I mean EVER! Smokey Blue Cheese made by Rogue Creamery from where else but in Oregon. Ever since then both of us have searched high and low for a smoked blue cheese, only to find out that Rogue Creamery is the only one in the united States to even make such a cheese.

Now of course for those of us who do not live in Oregon you can order it directly from Rogue Creamery here at $79 dollars a half wheel, and $129 dollars for a whole wheel. That works out to roughly $31 dollars or $25 dollars a pound. However, Jessica and I made the most wonderful discovery over the weekend. The Costco in Folsom has smokey blue cheese for only $15 dollars a pound. I’m in heaven!!!

Welcome Home Dear

Mark has been gone this week. His absence resulted in me discovering something about myself. I’m a slob. I woke up early this morning to clean the apartment and boy did it need it. There were clothes all over the living room, the bathroom, even the dining room (area). How did this happen? Why is it so hard to take off my clothes and place in the hamper rather then leave them right where I strip? Also, why am I disrobing in the dining room (area)? Then there is the kitchen! I haven’t done dishes since Mark left. There were some things in the sink that I didn’t recognize. While cleaning this morning I was so grateful that I have Mark to impress and he helps me keep my slob away. Welcome home. The home needs you just as much as I, even if it is only for 12 hours.

Yes, Sir!

Names I call Mark:



Mr. Mark

Przybyla (this is mostly in public when he isn’t answering to to Mark)


and my personal favorite Sir.

It started out as a joke. “Would Sir like something to drink?” I would ask Mark jokingly. I wanted him to know that I may be willing to be his partner and get him his desired beverage, but I will never be his ‘little woman’. The only problem was I started to like calling him Sir. I started to say it with less sarcasm in my voice and more respect. I started to think of him as ‘the man of the house’,  I started to treat him that way, and even addressing him that way. I know it may be odd for a feminist California girl’s sweetest nick name for here husband is Sir, but so it is for me.