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Hello Internet! We’re Back!

We have a blog and we should use it.

I keep feeling that I am looking to the future too much.  Here is how the past year looked.

When I finish school…. When I pass state board… When tax season is over… When Mark finishes school… When I start working in a salon… When Mark finds out where he got into school… When I quit my day job… When we move…When Mark gets a new job…When… When…When…

I feel like I’m so focused on the next step that we forget to enjoy the ride that is today. I’m going to start focusing on the fun things of the here and now. Hope you come with me.



June Year’s Resolutions

I just wrote the sentence “There are certain things that need to happen for me to be happy.” Wowza! How it should read is “There are certain things I need TO DO to be happy.” See the difference? The first is passive, things need to happen to me for me to be happy. The second is full of personal responsibility and doing. There are certain things that I have not been doing that make me feel better. I could give you excuses about why I haven’t been a doer, but that isn’t the point of this today. Today is about some dos. Here is a list of June Year’s Resolutions that I know will make me happier.

Do eat real food everyday. Do to my schedule, (if that last phrase where honest it would read “do to it not being a high enough of a priority”) I haven’t been eating a lot of real food.  I realized I that my normal had become skipping breakfast everyday, eaten every other meal out, drinking almost no water, and my exercise consisted of walking from my desk to the copier. I don’t expect or plan to eat perfect, but I can improve. I will eat at least one real meal a day.

Do drink more water. I don’t know how much. Do you? I’ve heard 8cups, or 2 liters, or your weigh in ounces. Who knows what is right? I do know that in general more water improves things for me. Things flow better, my skin looks brighter, and I just plain feel better. I will up my water intake.

Do Move. When I think of exercise I think of tennis shoes and sweating and feeling the burn. If I were to pledge to go the gym everyday and feel the burn it would be a big fat lie. What isn’t a lie and what feels really do able is moving. I can move everyday. I can walk my dog. I can do an at home workout. I can walk on my lunch or dinner break. I can do anything as long as it is moving. I will move more.

Do Forgive.Here is the thing. This isn’t a weight loss program. This is a feel better about myself  program. I know in the past when I take care of my body it pays me back in spirit. I will forgive myself for all the things I’m going to do wrong. I will forgive my self for all the days I won’t do the things on this list.

Do Celebrate. Like I said, I don’t plan on being perfect. I will celebrate my betterness. (better-ness isn’t a word, but it sounds good to me.) Today isn’t the day to give of sweets and treats. Today is day to start celebrating the small victories. Like, yesterday at lunch I drank water instead of soda on top of having a real lunch. Yea me! I will celebrate all the things I’m doing right.

Let’s do this!

Another Reason it is Nice to Have Mark

One piece of advice I can give is marry someone who is handy. You never know when you will need to have your car worked on. Isn’t he hot when he is being manly working on my car?!

No, We Aren’t Pregnant

Last night as Mark and I took a leisurely stroll after dinner. We talked about our future, our dreams, ending on the topic of our future children. When we first got together we agreed that two was the perfect number of children. One girl and one boy. We hadn’t figured our if our girl or boy would be first, but we had time to do that. We would never be out numbered. If we were alone with the kids our hands would always equal the number of kids, meaning we could control any situation. We were confident that two was the right number for us. One boy, Mark Winston Przybyla, III, nickname undecided. One Girl, Eleanor Joy*, Elle-Joy** for short. (I have long known that I wanted my first daughter to be named after my sister…yeah, I know it is a stretch… but work with me here!).

Since Mark and I have gotten married we have felt strongly that we should be open to more children. We both feel that if children agree with us and we with them then, yes, we will have more, as many as feels right. As of now neither of us can imagine more then four, but thankfully we don’t have to make these hard family planning decisions yet.

While we were walking I told Mark that we only have the two names picked out but we have been discussing more then two children. Meaning we need to get on naming those fictional children of ours, or else…. or else they will come here and we STILL won’t have names for them. I will be the bad mother that refers to her children as numbers. NUMBERS, MARK, NUMBERS!!  I can’t be that kind of mother! Mark has learned that when I start hyperventilating about the trials of our future family it is faster and easier to solve said fictional future problem then to give me the ol’ “we will cross that bridge when we get there” line. Mark starts to suggest names.


“Bart? No!!”

“Well nothing like George… or anything that boring”

“I could do George, if his middle name is Washington.”

“Abraham Lincoln?”

“Next thing you know we will be naming our next son John Adams. No, too citchy. We aren’t doing any citchy family names!!”

“Ok, how about Homer?”



“I’m OK with biblical names but normal ones: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…”

“The Acts? Romans?”

“NO!! NO!! What about Zion? Or Noah?”

“…” Mark totally bored

“No, Noah is too trendy. How about Judah? Or Trent? Or Jacob? Or Michael after my dad? Or….”


“I really like the name Sylar, but can we really name our son after the villain in Heroes?”

“No one will even remember Heroes by the time we have children.”

So God, we are letting you decide, do you want us to name our second son after the villain from Heroes, or do you want to give us daughters?

*We call dibs on Eleanor Joy

**Dibs on Elle-Joy too