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Getting the M.R.S.

Things I didn’t know about marriage before I was married:

  • Changing my name would be hard emotionally
  • When Mark says he is thirsty and doesn’t get up to get a drink, that really means “Honey, will you go get me a drink”
  • I melt every single time Mark introduces me as his wife
  • When I yell, “FOLLOW THAT FIRE TRUCK!!” he will. Later he will return to the scene of the fire so I can see all the damage.
  • Marriage didn’t fix anything , but somehow it made finding solutions much easier.
  • I  feel safe to share all the deep dark feelings I have with Mark. Things I didn’t know I would ever tell anyone.
  • I want kids and not just because I “should have them” but because creating a family with Mark will be an exciting journey.

Welcome Home Dear

Mark has been gone this week. His absence resulted in me discovering something about myself. I’m a slob. I woke up early this morning to clean the apartment and boy did it need it. There were clothes all over the living room, the bathroom, even the dining room (area). How did this happen? Why is it so hard to take off my clothes and place in the hamper rather then leave them right where I strip? Also, why am I disrobing in the dining room (area)? Then there is the kitchen! I haven’t done dishes since Mark left. There were some things in the sink that I didn’t recognize. While cleaning this morning I was so grateful that I have Mark to impress and he helps me keep my slob away. Welcome home. The home needs you just as much as I, even if it is only for 12 hours.

Yes, Sir!

Names I call Mark:



Mr. Mark

Przybyla (this is mostly in public when he isn’t answering to to Mark)


and my personal favorite Sir.

It started out as a joke. “Would Sir like something to drink?” I would ask Mark jokingly. I wanted him to know that I may be willing to be his partner and get him his desired beverage, but I will never be his ‘little woman’. The only problem was I started to like calling him Sir. I started to say it with less sarcasm in my voice and more respect. I started to think of him as ‘the man of the house’,  I started to treat him that way, and even addressing him that way. I know it may be odd for a feminist California girl’s sweetest nick name for here husband is Sir, but so it is for me.

Hello world!

Hello world!! We are Mark and Jessica Mae Przybyla. We met early 2009 and since then we dated, fell in love, got married, and are currently  working on living happily ever after. This blog came about because I sent Mark an email with a bunch of recipes and a subject line of “We need a recipe book… or something.” His response was, “Why don’t we just start a blog?” Tu che Mr. Mark! We should have a blog, and now we do.