Mark’s bikes are possessed!!!!

The relationship with my bikes the past couple of weeks has been a little strained let’s say. It’s now to the point that I am starting to think that they are possessed, and out to get me for whatever reason.

It all started last year when the rear wheel of my mountain bike would shred the valve-stems of the inner-tube  leaving me stranded on the trail with an unrepairable flat, and a sometimes a long walk home. So, I took my wheel in to the shop only to have the diagnosis be that I was not inflating my tire enough to prevent it from slipping in the wheel. After much searching, because most local bike shops around here suck, I finally found a tire that would fit my rear suspension and allow me to inflate it to the recommended minimum pressure.

Fast forward a year. I have been trying to ride my road bike to work as much as possible this summer because I work for my University, and did not want to pay for parking on campus as I am not taking summer classes. About two weeks ago while riding home the seatpost of my road bike broke about a mile from home. I rounded up all the parts laying in the road and found that the carbon fiber shaft had not broken but the steel bolt had sheared off. So, I limped my bike home having to ride it while standing the rest of the way.

Thinking my mountain bike was fixed I went to ride it to work while I waited on the parts for my other bike. All was going well when almost four miles in to the ride my rear wheel goes flat. Thinking that it was the same problem as mentioned earlier I walked it home, grabbed the car and somehow made it to work only an hour late. Later while inspecting the tube I found that this time it was actually a small defect in the tube itself.

The next day I went and bought a new tube from the bike shop and brought it home to begin repairs yet once again. All was going well until while inflating the tube, it exploded at less than 20psi getting slime all over my drive train. So back it was to the bike shop again to exchange the tube.

My mountain bike is all in one piece again. This time I plan to test ride by doing laps near home in case my bikes still hate me.

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