Getting the M.R.S.

Things I didn’t know about marriage before I was married:

  • Changing my name would be hard emotionally
  • When Mark says he is thirsty and doesn’t get up to get a drink, that really means “Honey, will you go get me a drink”
  • I melt every single time Mark introduces me as his wife
  • When I yell, “FOLLOW THAT FIRE TRUCK!!” he will. Later he will return to the scene of the fire so I can see all the damage.
  • Marriage didn’t fix anything , but somehow it made finding solutions much easier.
  • I  feel safe to share all the deep dark feelings I have with Mark. Things I didn’t know I would ever tell anyone.
  • I want kids and not just because I “should have them” but because creating a family with Mark will be an exciting journey.

One response to “Getting the M.R.S.

  1. Great post!

    I didn’t have a tough time changing my name, but I did make my maiden name my new official middle name. It’s not hyphenated as part of my last name or anything. I actually felt really good and proud to take my husband’s last name.

    I melt too whenever he introduces me as his wife. Does that ever get old? I love when he says it!

    I feel the same way about kids. I wanted to have a baby with him not because it was what we SHOULD do, but because how amazing to have a baby with him? Very exciting!

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