What does no parking mean?

I saw this while shopping at Target this evening and was left with a few questions

1. Does no parking only apply to cars?

2. If they needed the cart to get to their car how did they get in the store, and then how did they return the key to Target?

3. Did the person realize that they no have prevented a wheelchair van from using that space to unload as it was intended?

4. Do they even care that someone may need that space next to unload a wheelchair?


One response to “What does no parking mean?

  1. You know, I can’t answer your questions, but I do have a comment that stems from your point #2.

    I live in a city, so space is hard to come by. There is a CVS pharmacy near my house, and even though the entrance is at ground level, you have to walk up a flight of stairs to get inside.

    There is, however, one of those little elevator lift things, so if you’re in a wheelchair or have a stroller or something, you can get up and into the store.

    The problem with this scenario? The elevator is locked. The sign says – “See employee for key.”

    I kid you not.

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